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Sam’s Smart Mirror

My project is a Smart Mirror, a smart mirror is a screen with a transparent yet reflective covering in order to simulate a mirror and still have the screen beneath it shine through in addition to that I added a custom virtual assistant named Alfred to run in the background.

Engineer School Area of Interest Grade
Samuel S. SAR High School Electrical Engineering Rising Junior

Final Milestone

My final milestone is the project completely assembled. I cut a piece of a trasnparent mirror and hot glued that onto the mirror as well as hot glueing a cardboard border around it. I ran into a bunch of trouble trying to cut the mirror piece as I realized it wasn’t as easy as it seems, but in the end I was able to cover up my mistakes with my cardboard border.

Second Milestone

My second milestone was creating a custom virtual assistant named alfred. I created the virtual assistant in python. The program utilized a usb microphone and the speaker in my monitor to be able to take in audio and speak back to it. However, I ran into problems almost every step of the way, mainly the pythonlibrary for microhpones is not compatible with the raspberry pi. After getting that working I also ran into problems with the text to speech because the Raspberry Pi had problems processing the audio. Finally, after hours of debugging and trying out new libraries I was able to get it to work.

The following code is the code I used for my virtual assistant. This code takes a recording from the microphone than transcribes that audio into text in order to be filtered through the various functions, and finally it does text to speech in order to have my virtual assistant to respond to me.

# Import the libraries
import speech_recognition as sr
import os  #allows the program to interact with the os
import pyttsx3  #converts to text to speech
from playsound import playsound
import time
from datetime import datetime
from pytz import timezone
import warnings  #this will ignore warnings in the program
import calendar  #allows us to get the day of the week
import random  #randomization library
import wikipedia  #allows the program to get info from wikipedia

from num2words import num2words
from subprocess import call

Importing the libraries necessary in order to run the code

phraseintext = False
response = ''

# Ignore any warning messages

Setting up a global boolean that controls whether the ‘wake word’ was heard and setting up a command in order to block out all unneed warning messages

# Record audio and return it as a string
def recordAudio():
    print("Say Something")
    while True:
            "arecord --duration=5 -f S16_LE -c1 -r44100 /home/pi/Desktop/PythonProjects/test.wav"

        r = sr.Recognizer()
        with sr.WavFile(
                "test.wav") as source:  # use "test.wav" as the audio source
            print('Say Playing Audio')
            audio = r.record(source)  # extract audio data from the file
            print("Transcription: " + r.recognize_google(audio)
                  )  # recognize speech using Google Speech Recognition
            return r.recognize_google(audio)
        except sr.UnknownValueError:
            print("Google Speech Recognition could not understand audio")
        except sr.RequestError as e:
                "Could not request results from Google Speech Recognition service"
                + {0}.format(e))

This is the function that records the users voice and than using Google Speech Recognition technology converts that audio file into text that the rest of the program can process

# Function to get the virtual assistant response
def assistantResponse(text):
    os.system('espeak -a 100 -s 120 "' + text + '" -w /home/pi/Desktop/PythonProjects/work.wav')
    for i in range(2):
      if i == 0:
        os.system("amixer set Master 0%")
        os.system("aplay /home/pi/Desktop/PythonProjects/work.wav")
        os.system("amixer set Master 100%")
        os.system("aplay /home/pi/Desktop/PythonProjects/work.wav")
    print(text + ' it works :)')

This the function that gives the assistants response the response is gathered from a while true loop below and than this function is called which takes the response text and than using the espeak library gives a response (Note; it actually espondes twice because my Raspberry Pi had a glitch that it needed to run audio files at least once in order to process it properly so as you can see the first time it runs it it is muted and than second time it plays is the one you hear outloud)

def getDate():
    current_time ='US/Eastern'))
    year = current_time.year
    month = current_time.month
    day =
    return 'Today is day ' + str(day) + ' of the ' + str(
        month) + ' month in the year ' + str(year)

# Function to get a person first and last name
def getPerson(text):
    wordList = text.split()  # Split the text into a list of words
    for i in range(0, len(wordList)):
        if i + 3 <= len(wordList) - 1 and wordList[i].lower(
        ) == 'who' and wordList[i + 1].lower() == 'is':
            return wordList[i + 2] + ' ' + wordList[i + 3]

These two functions are two of three main commands for the the voice assisttant these two allow you to get the date and to say ‘who is’ and than a name to search up and than it will read out wikipedias summary of that page

def cursed():
    cmd_beg = 'espeak -ven -s490 -g 8'
    cmd_end = ' | aplay /home/pi/Desktop/Text.wav  2>/dev/null'  # To play back the stored .wav file and to dump the std errors to /dev/null
    cmd_out = '--stdout > /home/pi/Desktop/Text.wav '  # To store the voice file
    text = 'Why have you awoken me what have I done to anger you to such a level as to warrant you awaking me from my slumber I hope that you step on a lego for your actions against my ever important sleep'
    text = text.replace(' ', '_')
    #Calls the Espeak TTS Engine to read aloud a Text
    call([cmd_beg + cmd_out + text + cmd_end], shell=True)
    return text

while True:
    if phraseintext == False:
        # Record the audio
        text = recordAudio()
        if text == None:
            print("there is no text")
            #Empty responsestring
            response = ''
            # To check for wake word(s)
            WAKE_WORDS = [
                'hey alfred', 'okay alfred', 'hello alfred', 'alfred'
            text = text.lower()  # Convert the text to all lower case words
            # Check to see if the users command/text contains a wake word
            for phrase in WAKE_WORDS:
                if phrase in text:
                    phraseintext = True
                    print('something is happening I think??')

This is the first half of the while True loop and its job is to check if the user said the ‘wake word’ if they did than it sets phraseintext = True and it runs the next part of the program which actually uses the text after the ‘wake word’ to run commands

    elif phraseintext == True:
        # Checking for the wake word/phrase
        if ('date' in text):
            get_date = getDate()
            response = get_date
            phraseintext = False
            # Check to see if the user said time
        elif ('time' in text):
            now_utc ='UTC'))
            now_eastern = now_utc.astimezone(timezone('US/Eastern'))
            hour = now_eastern.strftime("%H")
            minute = now_eastern.strftime("%M")
            if int(hour) >= 12:
                meridiem = 'p m'  #Post Meridiem (PM)
                meridiem = 'a m'  #Ante Meridiem (AM)
            response = 'It is ' + str(hour) + minute + ' ' + meridiem + ' .'
            print(' ' + 'It is ' + str(hour) + minute + ' ' + meridiem + ' .')

            phraseintext = False

        # Check to see if the user said 'who is'
        elif ('who is' in text):
            person = getPerson(text)
            wiki = wikipedia.summary(person, sentences=2)
            response = wiki
            phraseintext = False

        elif ('cursed' in text):
            response = 'a'
            phraseintext = False
        elif ('hello' in text):
            response = "hello Sam"
            phraseintext = False
            phraseintext = False

        # Assistant Audio Response
        # assistantResponse(response)
        print(phraseintext)  # phraseintext = False

The second half of the while True loop checks if after the ‘wake word’ the user said any key words or phrases that correspond with any commands also in this is second half is the third of the three main commands for the virtual assistant the time command unlike the rest it isn’t a function but rather it is written directly into the elif statement that checks for if the key word is said

First Milestone

My first milestone was setting up my Raspberri Pi and the Magic Mirror2 software. I installed the Raspberry Pi OS on a sd card than inserted it into my Raspberry Pi. After setting up the software I enabled SSH and VNC in order to be able to connect to the Raspberry Pi with my computer. I installed the Magic Mirror2 software, but I intially ran into problems starting up the software until i realzied you have to change directories to do so. After getting that working I installed modules, and I was doing so I ran into problems in the config file because there were errors in my code. Than with the help of my instructor we went through the code and found a missing “}” to be the culprit. After this everything was smooth sailing and I was able to configure the software without issue.

The following code is the code in the config.js file for the Magic Mirror it is what allows you to customize how each module is shown and to configure what each module does in order for it to run properly

/* Magic Mirror Config Sample
 * By Michael Teeuw
 * MIT Licensed.
 * For more information on how you can configure this file
 * see
 * and
let config = {
	address: "localhost", 	// Address to listen on, can be:
							// - "localhost", "", "::1" to listen on loopback interface
							// - another specific IPv4/6 to listen on a specific interface
							// - "", "::" to listen on any interface
							// Default, when address config is left out or empty, is "localhost"
	port: 8080,
	basePath: "/", 	// The URL path where MagicMirror is hosted. If you are using a Reverse proxy
					// you must set the sub path here. basePath must end with a /
	ipWhitelist: ["", "::ffff:", "::1"], 	// Set [] to allow all IP addresses
															// or add a specific IPv4 of :
															// ["", "::ffff:", "::1", "::ffff:"],
															// or IPv4 range of --> use CIDR format :
															// ["", "::ffff:", "::1", "::ffff:"],

	useHttps: false, 		// Support HTTPS or not, default "false" will use HTTP
	httpsPrivateKey: "", 	// HTTPS private key path, only require when useHttps is true
	httpsCertificate: "", 	// HTTPS Certificate path, only require when useHttps is true

	language: "en",
	locale: "en-US",
	logLevel: ["INFO", "LOG", "WARN", "ERROR"], // Add "DEBUG" for even more logging
	timeFormat: 12,
	units: "imperial",
	// serverOnly:  true/false/"local" ,
	// local for armv6l processors, default
	//   starts serveronly and then starts chrome browser
	// false, default for all NON-armv6l devices
	// true, force serveronly mode, because you want to.. no UI on this device

This is the main config file code don’t edit this it is the code that is supplied by MagicMirror and it is what allows the code to work and the modules to be properly configurated

	modules: [
			module: "alert",
			module: "updatenotification",
			position: "top_bar"
			module: "clock",
			position: "top_left"
			module: "weather",
			position: "top_right",
			header: "Weather Forecast",
			config: {
				weatherProvider: "openweathermap",
				type: "forecast",
				locationID: "ENTER LOCATION ID HERE FROM THE WEATHER API", //ID from; unzip the gz file and find your city
				apiKey: "ENTER API KEY HERE"
			module: "newsfeed",
			position: "bottom_left",
			config: {
				feeds: [
						title: "New York Times",
						url: ""
				showSourceTitle: true,
				showPublishDate: true,
				broadcastNewsFeeds: true,
				broadcastNewsUpdates: true

This is the config files for the default modules these are the modules supplied by MagicMirror and they will basically all be configured already and you will mainly want to set there position and in the case of the weather module you will actually need to get a API key from their website

			module: "MMM-Jast",
			position: "top_bar",
			config: {
				maxWidth: "100%",
				updateIntervalInSeconds: 300,
				fadeSpeedInSeconds: 60,
				scroll: "horizontal",
				useGrouping: false,
				currencyStyle: "code",
				showColors: true,
				showCurrency: true,
				showChangePercent: true,
				showChangeValue: false,
				ShowChangeValueCurrency: false,
				showDepot: false,
				showDepotGrowthPercent: false,
				showDepotGrowth: false,
				numberDecimalsValues: 2,
				numberDecimalsPercentages: 1,
				virtualHorizontalMultiplier: 2,
				stocks: [
					{ name: "Tesla", symbol: "TSLA"},
					{ name: "Apple", symbol: "AAPL"},
					{ name: "Microsoft", symbol: "MSFT"},
					{ name: "Alphabet", symbol: "GOOG"},
					{ name: "AMD", symbol: "AMD"},

This is my stock ticker api it utilizes the Yahoo Finance API and the module itself is made by jalibu (link to their github page is in the table below) in the bottom it allows you to add your own stock tickers and it will give you up to date information on the stocks prices

	module: 'MMM-PGA',
			position: "top_left",
			maxWidth: "100%",
			config: {
				colored: true,
				showBoards: true,
				showLocation: true,
				showRankings: true,
				numRankings: 10,
				numTournaments: 3,
				numLeaderboard: 5,
				maxLeaderboard: 10,
				includeTies: true,
				showLogo: true,
				showFlags: true,
				remoteFavoritesFile: "" //"utilities/favorites.json" 

This is a module that displays PGA tournaaments it either displays information for a upcoming tournament or information for a current tournament like standings scores etc.

			module: "MMM-MyStandings",
			position: "top_left",
			config: {
				updateInterval: 60 * 60 * 1000, // every 60 minutes
				rotateInterval: 1 * 60 * 1000, // every 1 minute
				sports: [
					{ league: "NBA", groups: ["Atlantic", "Central", "Southeast", "Northwest", "Pacific", "Southwest"] },
					{ league: "MLB", groups: ["American League East", "American League Central", "American League West", "National League East", "National League Central", "National League West"] },
					{ league: "NFL", groups: ["AFC East", "AFC North", "AFC South", "AFC West", "NFC East", "NFC North", "NFC South", "NFC West"] },
					{ league: "NHL", groups: ["Atlantic Division", "Metropolitan Division", "Central Division", "Pacific Division"] },
					{ league: "MLS", groups: ["Eastern Conference", "Western Conference"] },
					{ league: "NCAAF", groups: ["American Athletic - East", "American Athletic - West", "Atlantic Coast Conference - Atlantic", "Atlantic Coast Conference - Coastal",
										"Big 12 Conference", "Big Ten - East", "Big Ten - West", "Conference USA - East", "Conference USA - West",
										"FBS Independents", "Mid-American - East", "Mid-American - West", "Mountain West - Mountain", "Mountain West - West",
										"Pac 12 - North", "Pac 12 - South", "SEC - East", "SEC - West", "Sun Belt - East", "Sun Belt - West"] },
					{ league: "NCAAM", groups: ["America East Conference", "American Athletic Conference", "Atlantic 10 Conference", "Atlantic Coast Conference", "Atlantic Sun Conference",
										"Big 12 Conference", "Big East Conference", "Big Sky Conference", "Big South Conference",
										"Big Ten Conference", "Big West Conference", "Colonial Athletic Association", "Conference USA",
										"Horizon League", "Ivy League", "Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference", "Mid-American Conference",
										"Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference", "Missouri Valley Conference", "Mountain West Conference", "Northeast Conference",
										"Ohio Valley Conference", "Pac-12 Conference", "Patriot League", "Southeastern Conference",
										"Southern Conference", "Southland Conference", "Southwestern Athletic Conference", "Summit League",
										"Sun Belt Conference", "West Coast Conference", "Western Athletic Conference"] },
				nameStyle: "abbreviation",
				showLogos: true,
				useLocalLogos: true,
				showByDivision: true,
				fadeSpeed: 1000,

This is a general sports module that uses the ESPN API to gather standings on a multitude of sports that can be configured to show standings for each divison of any desired sports or just show one team for a certain sport


			module: "MMM-page-indicator",
			position: "bottom_left",
			config: {
				pages: 3,
				activeBright: true,
		   		inactiveHollow: true,

			module: "MMM-pages",
			config: {
				animationTime: 500,
				rotationDelay: 6000,
				    [["alert", "updatenotification", "clock", "weather", "MMM-Jast", "newsfeed" ],["MMM-PGA"],["MMM-MyStandings"]],
				fixed: ["MMM-page-indicator"],
				hiddenPages: {
					"Sports": [ "MMM-MyStandings" ],


/*************** DO NOT EDIT THE LINE BELOW ***************/
if (typeof module !== "undefined") {module.exports = config;}

The last two modules are both made by edward shen (his github is linked in the table below) these modules are what always me to have multiple pages of modules and in doing so allows me to have more modules in my mirror even with a small screen

Modules Include

Module Author Link Usage
Alert default Included by default displays notifications from other modules
Update Notification default Included by default displays notification when a update for the Magic Mirror 2 software is available
Clock default Included by default displays the time
Weather default Included by default uses the openweather api to display local weather
Newsfeed default Included by default rotates through the newest headlines of the New York Times
MMM-Jast Made By jalibu a stock ticker that uses the Yahoo Finance API
MMM-PGA Made By mcl8on displays upcoming PGA tournaments and when the tournament is ongoing displays information about it
MMM-MyStandings Made By vincep5 displays and gets ESPN standings for all major US sports
MMM-pages Made By edward-shen allows you to have multiple pages of modules
MMM-page-dindicator Made By edward-shen allows you to switch through the pages and tells you what page you are on